MONDAY February 11, 2019


10:00 AM




520 Main Street







Tom Cooley, City Member, Chair

Michael Sanchez, County Member, Vice Chair

Bill Powers, City Member

Sharon Thrall, County Member

Vacant, Public Member

Terry Swofford, Public Member Alt.

Kevin Goss, County Member Alt.

Pat Morton, City Member Alt.




Jennifer Stephenson, Executive Officer

John Benoit, Deputy Executive Officer

Cheryl Kolb, Clerk

P. Scott Browne, Counsel





1.             Play >>  CALL TO ORDER:  Pledge of Allegiance and Roll Call

Roll Call.

Present: Chair Tom Cooley, Vice Chair Michael Sanchez, Co. Member Sharon Thrall, City Member Bill Powers, Public Member Alternate Terry Swofford.


2.             Play >>  Approval of Agenda (additions or deletions)

     No additions or deletions.


3.             Play >>  Correspondence:


a)      Letter from David and Mary Piepho re: special district concerns

Jennifer Stephenson acknowledged receipt of a letter from the Piepho’s regarding a cemetery special district and the district’s lack of knowledge regarding public records requests.


4.             Play >>  CONSENT ITEM (S)


a)    Approval of the December 10th, 2018 LAFCo minutes

Motion: Approve December 10, 2018 minutes as submitted., Action: Approve, Moved by City Member Bill Powers, Seconded by Co. Member Sharon Thrall.

Motion passed unanimously.


5.             Play >>  Public Comment


                 Members of the public are invited to address the Commission on any matter of interest to the public that is not on the agenda for a period of time not exceeding 5 minutes.  Pursuant to the Brown Act, the Commission cannot take any action on items not listed on the posted agenda but may add to a future agenda matters brought up under public comments for appropriate action at a future meeting.


                 None offered.



6.                   Play >>  Authorize payment of Claims for December 2018 and January 2019


a)      Authorize payment of claims for December 2018 and January 2019.

Motion: Authorize payment of claims for December 2018 and January 2019, Action: Approve, Moved by Vice Chair Michael Sanchez, Seconded by City Member Bill Powers.

Motion passed unanimously.





7.                   Play >>  Receive financial status presentations from healthcare districts

Presentations provided by Linda Wagner, CEO of Seneca Healthcare District, Steve Boline, CFO of Seneca Healthcare District, Todd Plimpton, CEO of Eastern Plumas Healthcare District, Katherine Pairish, CFO of Eastern Plumas Healthcare District, JoDee Tittle, CEO of Plumas District Hospital, Cindy Crossland, Controller of Plumas District Hospital and Guy McNett from Indian Valley Healthcare District.


8.                   Play >>  Mid-year budget review


a.     Review of Revenue and Expenses for the Remainder of FY 2018-2019


9.                   Play >>  General discussion and establishment of work priorities for the upcoming Fiscal Year 2019-2020.


a)    Establish work priorities for FY 2019-2020


10.                 Play >>  Appoint Ad Hoc Budget Committee for FY 2019-2020

Vice Chair Michael Sanchez and Chair Tom Cooley to remain on Ad Hoc Budget Committee for FY 2019-2020


11.                 Play >>  Continue discussion regarding challenges faced by Plumas fire providers and potential for changes in service structure

a)    Receive and file annexation fee flyer

Joe Waterman pointed out that County Counsel would likely need to be involved with item 4 on flyer; Sharon Thrall agrees and suggested adding the Tax Collector as well.  Michael Sanchez requested Auditor’s office to be added to item 4 as well.  Jennifer Stephenson provided email from County Counsel R. Craig Settlemire containing verbiage to be used in lieu of existing verbiage on the “Annexation Process and Guidelines for Property Owners Currently Not Residing within the Boundaries of a Fire Protection District”.

b)    Review and approve letter to CAL FIRE regarding volunteer training requirements

Tom Cooley requested adding Chief’s Association, NorCal, Plumas Co. Sheriff’s Office and Plumas County Office of Emergency Services to the list of offices the letter is being sent to.

Motion: Approved letter to CAL FIRE regarding volunteer training requirements, with additional offices noted on letter, Action: Approve, Moved by City Member Bill Powers, Seconded by Vice Chair Michael Sanchez.

Motion passed unanimously.

c)    Review and approve letter to County encouraging a master tax sharing agreement

Motion: Approved letter to be sent to the County encouraging a master tax sharing agreement, Action: Approve, Moved by Public Member Alternate Terry Swofford, Seconded by Vice Chair Michael Sanchez.

Motion passed unanimously.


12.                 Play >>  Discuss next actions to fill Public Member vacancy


a)    Announcement posted in all papers to run on February 13, 2019.  Deadline to indicate interest is March 22nd.  Please spread the word.  Interviews are planned to be held at the April 8th LAFCO meeting.


13.           Play >>  Conduct Workshop on Cemetery District SOI Report

Tabled to April 8th, 2018 meeting.


14.           Play >>  Executive Officer’s Report


a)      Application status of Indian Valley Healthcare District and Plumas Hospital District (File 2018-0002)

Jennifer Stephenson estimates June 2018 to be when the application will be in front of the Commission for approval.

b)      CHP Replacement Facility Annexation (File 2019-0001)

Application received to annex into American Valley CSD and Quincy Fire Dept. District. Jennifer anticipates application to be before the Commission this fall.

c)      Update on Johnsville Public Utility District

Progress being made.

d)      Form 700 due by April 1. File with County Clerk’s office.

e)      CALAFCO Legislative Committee

Jennifer Stephenson has been asked to be on the CALAFCO Legislative Committee.

f)       CALAFCO Sustainability Paper -


15.            Play >>  Commissioner Reports


This item is placed on the agenda for Commissioners to discuss items and issues of concern to their constituency, LAFCo, and legislative matters.


Sharon Thrall is pleased the healthcare districts are working together.  Bill Powers mentioned the Fire Safe Council Meeting will be held later this month in Portola.  Michael Sanchez was pleased to hear from all the fire districts and healthcare districts.  Tom Cooley received a lot of local support for the Calafco commission but did not win the election.


16.                  Adjourn to next regular meeting.

Adjourned at 12:16 p.m.


LAFCo’s next regular meeting to take place 10:00 am on April 8th, 2019


The Commission may take action upon any item listed on the agenda.  Unless otherwise noted, items may be taken up at any time during the meeting.

Any member appointed on behalf of local government shall represent the interests of the public as a whole and not solely the interest of the appointing authority Government Code Section 56325.1



An interpreter for the hearing-impaired may be made available upon request to the Executive Officer 72 hours before a meeting.


The location of this meeting is wheelchair-accessible.  If other accommodations are required to assist a person with a disability to participate in the meeting, please contact the Commission Clerk 24 hours before the meeting as indicated below.


Disclosure & Disqualification Requirements

Any person or group of persons acting in concert who directly or indirectly con­tribute $1,000 or more in sup­port of or in opposition to a change of organi­zation or reorganization that has been submitted to Plumas LAFCO must comply with the disclosure requirements of the Political Reform Act of 1974 applicable to local initiative measures to be submitted to the electorate. These requirements contain provisions for making dis­closures of contributions and expenditures at specified intervals; they may be reviewed at Government Code §§56700.1 and 81000 et seq.  Additional in­formation about the requirements pertaining to local initiative measures to be pre­sented to the electorate can be obtained by calling the Fair Political Practices Commission at (916) 322-5660.


A LAFCO Commissioner must disqualify herself or himself from voting on an application involving an “entitlement for use” (such as an annexation or sphere amendment) if, within the last twelve months, the Commissioner has received $250 or more in campaign contributions from the appli­cant, any financially interested person who actively supports or opposes the application, or an agency (such as an attorney, en­gineer, or planning consultant) representing the applicant or an interested party.  The law (Government Code Section 84308) also requires any applicant or other participant in a LAFCO proceeding to disclose the contri­bution amount and name of the recipient Commissioner on the official record of the proceeding.


Late-Distributed Materials.  Any material submitted to the Commission after this agenda is posted will be made available for public inspection as soon as possible in the Plumas County Planning Department  office at 555 Main Street, Quincy, CA. and at the LAFCo Webpage


Contact LAFCO Staff  LAFCO staff may be contacted at 530-283-7069 or by mail at LAFCo of Plumas County, 5050 Laguna Blvd #112-711, Elk Grove, CA 95758 or by email at or by fax at 888-501-0395.