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CalltoOrder.   2.          RollCall.   3.
Invocation.   4.
PledgeofAllegiance.   5.
CALLTOTHEPUBLIC:   Any citizen desiring to speak on a matter that is within the jurisdiction of the CityCouncil may do so at this time.Comments may be limited to three minutes perperson and shall be addressed to the City Council as a whole, and not..


PresentationbyShowLowChamber ofCommerce.  

B.   PresentationonWildfire Preparedness.        

CONSENTCALENDAR:   A.              ProclamationbytheMayorProclaimingApril2021asChildAbusePrevention andAwarenessMonth in theCityof ShowLow.   B.              ProclamationbytheMayorProclaimingApril2021asFairHousingMonthin the Cityof ShowLow.       C..
NEW BUSINESS:   A.              ConsiderationofAppointmentofPlanningandZoningCommitteeMembers.(Rachael Hall)   B.              ConsiderationofAppointmentofParksandRecreationAdvisoryCommittee Members.(Rachael Hall)   C.              ConsiderationofA..
SUMMARYOF CURRENTEVENTS:   A.              CouncilMembers B.              Mayor C.              CityManager   10.
SCHEDULINGOF MEETINGS:   Schedulingofmeetings, whichmaybebroughtupatthistime.   11.           EXECUTIVESESSION.   A.              ConfidentialityStatement.   B.              Discussionorconsiderationofemployment,assignment,appointment,promotion, de..


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